据德勤大学出版社报道,高德纳公司报告了4.2011年至2017年,北美中小企业IT支出复合年增长率(CAGR)为8%. Spending began at $534 billion per year and has since increased to $686 billion. Hardware, software, and IT services were among the report’s spending categories. IT services accounted for the most significant spending and grew the most; software grew steadily and was the next highest priority in spending; hardware spending was practically constant, 逐年增加和减少(y).


企业雇佣外部服务提供商来管理他们的内部技术工作和IT操作, known as IT outsourcing.

Businesses successfully use third-party providers to deliver a wide range of essential services, similar to hiring third-party suppliers to provide HR and customer support services. 小公司通常把他们的IT外包给技术公司, providers, vendors, support teams, 或个别顾问及承建商:

  • Software development
  • Application support and management
  • 网站开发、托管和管理
  • 硬件安装和基础设施支持
  • Data storage
  • Data management
  • Cybersecurity and encryption services are among the most typical IT services that firms outsource.
  • Help desks and technical support


Outsourcing IT functions through Managed Services can provide immediate benefits.

  1. Keep IT costs under control

外包可以让你通过转换常量来进行预算. IT成本被划分为可变成本.

  1. Save on labor costs

雇佣和培训一个IT团队可能是昂贵的, 临时工并不总是能满足你的期望. Outsourcing enables you to concentrate your human resources where they are most needed.

  1. 受过良好教育,有技能,有资格,有证书

How do you tell if an individual is qualified if you haven’t had any IT training? Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) certifications are valuable, but so is experience.

  1. 经验并不总是意味着资格

对于知名IT服务提供商来说,几乎没有什么新困难, who encounter similar issues regularly. Regardless of how well-trained an in-house IT employee is, they live in isolation. 我们都希望有一个经验丰富的医生,对IT也是如此.

  1. 提高生产力和竞争力

Attempting to conduct all IT services in-house can result in significantly longer research, development, and implementation times, 哪些会增加费用,并最终转嫁给客户.

  1. Adopt New Technology Quickly

A good outsourced IT service provider will have the resources to jump directly into new projects. In-house management of the same project could take weeks or months to find the proper personnel, train them, and offer the support they require. Quality IT businesses will bring years of experience to most implementations from the start, saving time and money.

  1. Laser-like focus on your core business

企业拥有一定数量的资源, 每个管理人员的时间和注意力都是有限的. 外包可以帮助您的公司专注于其核心能力,而不是被复杂的IT决策所干扰.

  1. Minimizes risk level

Markets, competition, government rules, financial conditions, 技术进步都在迅速发展. With unique sector experience, 外包公司会为你承担和处理大部分的风险, 特别是安全性和遵从性问题. In their areas of knowledge, they are often considerably better at selecting how to avoid trouble.

  1. Create a Level Playing Field

大多数小公司都无法与更多大公司提供的内部支持服务相匹配. 通过外包,小企业可以获得与大企业相同的技术和经验,从而表现得“大”一些. 由第三方维持的成本结构和规模经济可以为您的组织提供竞争优势.

  1. Security and Compliance

你的杀毒软件是最新的吗? 您的网络上是否设置了一个DMZ? 您是否定期对您的工作站和服务器进行审计? Have you implemented PCI security standards, and are you working to maintain them? Businesses, for example, have more opportunities than ever to succeed by accepting a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, gift certificates, e-checks, and wire transfers, to mention a few, 但这些交易方法也需要进行适当的研究. 您可以放心,您的公司通过外包给一个熟悉的合格的管理服务公司来最小化风险 PCI Compliance standards.


随着IT服务的发展与最新的技术突破, 技术正变得越来越复杂和专业化. As a result, 许多公司需要高技能和知识渊博的人员来处理他们的IT部门和关键业务流程.

然而,吸引这些人的费用正在增加. 他们需要更优秀的训练和能力, making in-house IT specialists more difficult for small enterprises to afford. As a result, 越来越多的企业在他们的业务之外寻找专业的IT员工,而不会产生额外的成本.

当涉及到小企业it外包时, you’ll need to figure out how much technology you need and how skilled your personnel is. 考虑您的组织需要什么样的IT帮助. 是否有许多职责需要专门的培训和核心能力, 或者仅仅是对行业的广泛了解?

如果一个公司需要的只是网站开发和托管, 他们经常可以发现互联网资源来管理他们的平台. On the other hand, IT专家更有资格抵御网络攻击,并为更大的企业做出明智的IT决策, more sensitive activities, 如客户信息存储、财务数据安全等.

Final Thoughts

Payroll processing, accounting, distribution, and various other vital services are routinely outsourced by small businesses, 通常是因为他们没有其他选择. 为了节省开支,许多跨国公司寻求外包. As a result, entire industries have sprung up to cater to businesses’ outsourcing needs.

然而,很少有组织理解外包的好处. Valid, outsourcing can save money, but it isn’t the sole or even the most compelling reason to do so. IT outsourcing, on the other hand, might bring a variety of long-term advantages.

With PC Lan as your service provider, we can help any business develop and deploy the best service in the industry irrespective of its size. 你不再需要担心IT技术的复杂性质,因为PC局域网将为你管理它,而你专注于你的核心业务.